SEO Trends: Latest SEO tips, Predictions and strategies

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SEO Trends: Latest SEO tips, Predictions and strategies

SEO Trends: Latest SEO tips, Predictions and strategies

Search engine optimizations try to adapt to update and changes that follow as Google invest to be the best. You have to encounter with updates in Google algorithm that is why SEO trends come into existence. Here in this guide, we have mentioned few tips and strategies that will prove helpful in 2019.

Mobile first launch:

Does Google use site’s or webpage’s mobile version for indexing/ranking? Yes, this is completely true.  Process of migrating sites to mobile first index has started by the Google and you might get notification about it via search console.  It is not about mobile only but it is about single index with both desktop and mobile versions. It means that mobile version will be used by the Google for ranking once the website is migrated.

Long form content will win:

It has been noticed in 2018 that poor and short content got failed and long form content from industry leaders will got good rankings.

Latent Semantic Indexing keywords will be important:

Google only look for the quality content so that it can deliver useful and relevant results to the users.  You need to go with quality content with quality keywords and avoid keyword stuffing just to get high rankings. You should use Latent Semantic Indexing words. This is about the words that are around your major topic. You are allowed to use some tools that are available to help with such Latent Semantic Indexing graph. You should consider LSI while writing quality content but once again, you should avoid stuffing these keywords.

Voice search will grow in 2019:

As we can see, more devices are using voice searches and you should consider voice searches. Long tail searches have become easier with voice search and you should think about the ways how will ranking be decided for these searches. There are so many industries where voice searches actually matter. FAQ pages can be the best way of voice search results.  Most of the people search long questions via voice search as they do not like to type long questions. You should research and find out what questions users can ask about your business so that you can develop blog posts, articles and content pages to answer these queries.

 Get your brand mentioned in media;

Most of the search engines uses online brand mentioned in its algorithm (search) and you can try the best way to use your brand as ranking signal. You should make a better image of your brand authority in your field. Each and everything matters whether it is advertising, trust reputation, issue solving or more. Your brand reputation actually matters for Google rankings. You should use link less back links by just mentioning your brand name in the content.

There are so many things that you need to know about to get the higher or top rankings in SERPs. This is all about keeping yourself update with latest trends in SEO.